K9Coil Large Dog Leash
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The K9Coil Hands-Free Large Dog Leash

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"K9Coil Hands-Free Large Dog Leash"

Comes with a long plastic connector and a Big Clip/Hook,7mm P.U. cord, 6 foot length (w/coils O.D. 33mm), a Velcro adjustable handle, tested up to 167 pounds of dead weight.  The K9Coil Hands-Free Large is suited for large breeds like Labradors, Shepard’s Boxers, Great Danes and the like.  Featuring our built in control handle… Perfect for crossing the street greeting other dogs and training.

    Available Colors:  Black Onyx, Pink, Clear, Underwater Blue

  • Tested up to 167 pounds of dead weight
  • Stretches to 6 feet and returns to coiled shape
  • Tangle Free… No more leaning over to untangle a trapped leash
  • Water & Sand friendly
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
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