K9coil Medium Dog Leash
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The K9Coil Hands-Free Medium Dog Leash

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"K9Coil Hands-Free Medium Dog Leash"

Comes with a short plastic connector and a Big Clip/Hook,7mm P.U. cord, 6 foot length (w/coils O.D. 28mm), a Velcro adjustable handle, tested up to 167 pounds of dead weight.  The K9Coil Hands-Free Medium is suited for medium sized breeds like Shih-Tzu’s Corgi’s Beagles, Pug’s and the like.  These guys and girls may be shorter but they still pack a strong pull.

Available Colors: Black Onyx, Pink, Clear, Underwater Blue

  • Tested up to 167 pounds of dead weight.
  • Stretches to 6 feet and returns to coiled shape
  • Tangle Free… No more leaning over to untangle a trapped leash
  • Water & Sand friendly
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.
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